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Premium ExpressConnect (PEC)

Delight your participants with hassle-free event entry.

What makes Premium ExpressConnect (PEC) the perfect choice for your next event?

  1. Gain access to PEC from any device. Simply share the browser URL link with attendees to access the user-friendly modern portal.
  2. Seamless real-time data collection. Capture valuable information entered directly by your attendees.
  3. Enable your attendees to enter meetings quickly and easily. PEC provides the choice between "Call Me," an automated callback service, or "I Will Call In," which conveniently displays the necessary dial-in information.
  4. Includes our outstanding Premium Event features. From a speaker pre-conference to a formal meeting welcome, managed Q&A, conference viewer (ConferenceWatchPLUS), call quality monitoring, and much more.

To add Premium ExpressConnect to your next virtual meeting, contact our experts at:

800.426.6639 or at